Understand why we do what we do :P


Hello Everyone,

My name is Avi, and one day I decided to get up and tell the world about 2 ordinary things every week. Things we have accepted as a part of our life, without really understanding the bare facts about them.

Why do tables have only 4 legs? Who found wall paper? Why does windows have a recycle bin? Simple things..

Lets keep it small.. 2 things every week. A little on Mondays and a little on Thursdays.. Who knows.. One day I might do Fridays or Sundays or Saturdays too.

To a fun-filled learning experience.. I promise to pop in a few pirate jokes too 😛

Luv you all,



One response

  1. rashy

    its a wednesday!n i don see no fun filled info yet!:(

    February 8, 2011 at 8:15 pm

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