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How do waterless urinals work?

Waterless urinal made by Armitage Shanks in the UK

Image via Wikipedia

Well once in a washroom, I noticed the urinal had a sign “Waterless Urinal“. Surprisingly this washroom was very clean and had no foul odor. This was surprising as what about the foul smell of the urine? How is that avoided in a waterless urinal. What about cleanliness and other normal urinal necessities.   Well the answer I found was amazing and impressive.

Firstly the primary concept of working is “Gravity”.

Firstly, the urinal is made of a non-stick, non-porous material and is shaped like a funnel. This ensures that all the urine drains out of the funnel leaving no residues on the urinal surface.

Inside the urinal, there is a layer of “Sealant Liquid” which floats on water or any other liquid. This sealant is much lighter than water and hence it explains why it floats.

The bottom is built like a P trap, which holds a specific quantity of water. Any more, and it overflows in to the drain. (If this did not make sense, just watch one of the 3 flash links attached at the end of this article)

Now, this sealant liquid is  has a pleasant smell and provides an airtight barrier between the urine and the restroom, which explains how the foul odor is avoided. When urine comes in, it flows through the sealant liquid, as it is heavier than it, and settles below it, and eventually is drained out.

This concept can be seen here:-




This turns out to be an amazing concept as:-

  1. This concept saves water
  2. This saves money
  3. Since there are no mechanical parts, mechanical maintenance is eliminated
  4. There are no harsh chemicals and hence it is more environment friendly
  5. Since there is no water, there are no plumbing emergencies or leaks
  6. There are no air-borne bacteria which usually result from flushing
  7. Finally the only maintenance required is the cleaning of the urinal and change of the sealant liquid, which needs to be done just 3-4 times per year.

Hope one day we all switch to this technology and help in saving water and do our bit to save the environment.

Reference: http://www.waterlessexperts.com/


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