Understand why we do what we do :P

What do we mean by Freezer Burn?

Well let’s try to explain this in one single line.. That would be nice, wouldn’t it 😉

Freezer burn is the phenomena of frozen food losing its moisture.

Well, now for a little more description about it. Have you ever wondered why some food (esp. a piece of meat) in the freezer has some frost as well as some discoloration on it. It would have been fine when you put it in, but over time, it generated some discoloration. This phenomenon is known as Freezer Burn.

Well we have 2 questions here:-

  1. Why does it happen?
  2. And is the food safe to eat?

Well firstly, when we keep food in the freezer, the water molecules in the food tend to freeze. Now these molecules prefer the coldest part to freeze in, and so they travel in the food, to the coldest part (i.e. the corners of the food, near the freezer), and hence we have a freezer burn.

Is the food safe to eat? Well all that has happened is dehydration, so it really isn’t harmful to eat. So yes, it is safe to eat.

Finally the way to avoid a freezer burn, is proper packaging, if required. The food is pretty safe, except it might just taste funny!

Oh and by funny, how about a pirate joke like I promised 🙂

What did the pirate say when his wooden leg got stuck in the freezer?
Shiver me timbers! (p.s. u think it could get a freezer burn 😉 )

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