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What about milk that is PINK?

Well, do you know there is an animal that produce pink milk?

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How to measure the weight of the Earth?

What is the weight of the Earth, and how do we measure it? It is not like we can ask the Earth to step on a weighing machine right? So how does one measure the weight of the Earth?

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“I’ll be back in a jiffy!” What is a “jiffy”?

So we have heard this expression a number of times, all our friends, maybe even family, random strangers who we just met have used this mysterious word called “jiffy”.

We make sense of it to be a short span of time. But what is its origin and what exactly does it mean?

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If you dug a hole through the center of the earth, and jumped in, would you stay at the center because of gravity?

Gravitational field lines around the Earth.

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Now, we know that gravity does strange things. This coupled with Einstein’s theory and the basic idea that the above would never be possible as:-

  1. No one can dig right through the middle of the Earth
  2. If we do jump in, we would burn to a crisp

But hypothetically, avoiding the above doubts, if there was a hole across the diameter of the Earth, and we jumped in, would we hang out in the middle? And if so, why?

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What does “Bazinga” mean?

We have heard Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper from Big Bang Theory use this word in quite a few situations. We know the intention, and we know the situation where it is used, but what does it actually mean 🙂

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What color is the sun? (No, it is not Yellow!! :P)


Image via Wikipedia

Well for all the kids who paint on their little canvases or to graphic designers who make the vast reaches of space out of pure imagination. Here is something that will turn your world around!


So which color do you think it is? 🙂

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